• Отдых в горах Крыма

    Eco holidays

    with views of the mountains ...

  • достопримечательности крыма

     Youth baths

    swimming in mountain rivers

  • карта достопримечательностей крыма


    Tracts Demerji

  • базы отдыха крыма

    Haphalskoe gorge

    at your feet

  • фотографии Крыма

       South Demerji

    and the Valley of the Ghosts

  • Горы Крыма

    Horse romance

    for beginners and masters

  • базы отдыха крым


    Junior suite class

  • Турбазы

    Seminars and workshops

     with panoramic views, 160 m 2

  • Sauna and SPA

    massage, foot baths, tub

  • Турбаза

     Cozy and quiet

    European comfort

  • Крым достопримечательности

     Caves of Chater Dag

    mysterious and friends

  • В Крым на автомобиле

    Green Travel 

    in comfort

  • Бассейн в эко отеле Перевальное, горный Крым

    Swimming pool

    cool on a hot day


  • 14-24 МАЯ в КРЫМУ! АRT CONTINUUM - это творческий эксперимент!
    Творческая лаборатория: создание короткометражного фильма, контактная импровизация, перформанс.  
  • Retrit
    Наслаждаясь удивительнейшими достопримечательностями и природной красотой этих мест, соединяясь со стихиями природы, занимаясь мощными практиками, ты легко и естественно открываешь в себе новые грани своей души! Ведь совершенству нет предела!  
  • эко-арт тур
    Eco ART Tour
    School of Painting and Drawing "We create together!" to welcome you with the family Creative Eco-Art Tour "We create together!"  
  • Отдых в горах Крыма
    Beautiful gym!
    Mountain View will inspire you!  
  • Отдых в горном Крыму
    Education leaders in the energy field of the Crimea!
    Training from "Inspires success".  
  • Сleansing program
    Learn how to relax for the benefit of body and spirit!  
Holidays in the mountains of Crimea
One of the aphorisms says that smart will not go uphill , downhill intelligent bypass . But anyone who has ever been in the Crimea peninsula beauty ever seen in the photographs , think quite differently. How can I get past the Crimean mountains ? By craggy peaks , lush green valleys , pine groves and a special, clear air ?
No wonder that the rest in the mountains of the Crimea - one of the most popular tourist services on the peninsula. Many guests of the Crimea seeking not only lie on the beach and walk to museums , but also be sure to climb the mountains , visit the mountain caves , to breathe this air healing . Visit our hotel in the mountains of Crimea - a wonderful holiday is guaranteed!
Campsite in the mountains of Crimea Perevalnoe organize you a wonderful stay at the saddle !
How useful mountain vacation in the Crimea?
First, remember the lessons of geography : the air temperature decreases with increasing elevation . This means , in the mountains are always cooler than the sea. For Crimean hot summer is a huge advantage : tired depend on the air conditioner ? Welcome to mountain walk through the valleys , meadows and forest trails ! Hiking in Crimea in this respect - the good doctor .
Secondly, any campsite in the mountains of Crimea - the best cure for all diseases. Prior to her need to reach , often with a backpack on his back. Train all muscle groups , including the heart. In urban settings, we move less , spend more time in the office or truck . Therefore, green tourism in Crimea - it's good exercise in the open air , which is ideal for rehabilitation on vacation !
We will arrange the speedy deployment of holidaymakers 
And stay in the Crimean mountains - is an incredible proximity to the rich nature of the peninsula. This is an opportunity to breathe the air , which are unknown to pollution and harmful substances . This gorgeous landscapes, brighter pictures , amazing sunsets and sunrises . Tourism in the Crimean mountains shows residents of large towns and cities , tired of the constant noise . For here , among the mountain peaks and forests , is in almost primeval silence. It allows you to relax and feel the burst strength. So now there are more willing to pass health path in Crimea - medical campaign.
We invite you to stay at the saddle . It is a large village which is the starting point for many hikes in Crimea. Hence stretch official mountain routes pass along marked trails in the surrounding area - mass turstoyanok , there springs and streams . We offer not only accommodation in the mountainous Crimea and comfortable stay in one of the cleanest parts of the peninsula.
All its guests , we are happy to help advice regarding the choice of the route , the rules of conduct in the mountains, the selection of equipment. Also, we will explain what attractions to visit in the first place , what are the safest cave , what paths to get there better . If you need a campsite in the mountains of Crimea - we deliver it .
For active and adventure tourism there are several special tours - Via Ferrata in the area of Red caves - without much training you can conquer the steep rock on specially equipped route . Or swim in a wetsuit in the long halls of Red caves - an unforgettable experience for the more adventurous .
See you at the saddle - the place where begins the best mountain vacation in the Crimea !
Tourism Perevalnoye - the best holiday in the Crimean mountains!