holidays in the mountains of the Crimea from the Ecocenter Pereval

Center for environmental rest "saddle»

is close to Angarsk pass – the gate on the South coast of Crimea.


hotel hidden greenery far from the noise and crowded resorts at a height of 450 m above sea level.


Convenient and picturesque location, pure mountain air   comfortable rooms  and hospitable staff will make You relax and enjoy your vacation.


What is unique about the location?


all  sights of mountain Crimea here at hand! To  the famous caves, waterfalls, Hiking trails, protected areas – from 3 to 5 kilometers.

What you will see in the surrounding area of the eco-center "saddle"?





the Cave

the Mysterious underground Crimea  the myths and legends. Want to see thethe Marble cave near the hotel Pereval

the world that is under our feet?


Welcome to the largest cave of the Peninsula, the bulk of which surround our hotel!


must-visit Red cave – the largest in Ukraine, which contains a whole world with galleries, lakes and waterfalls.

By the way be sure to check out the waterfall Sioux uchkhan and take a dip in the baths of youth on the way.

beautiful and Marble cave – speleologists have included it in the list of the most beautiful places of Europe. 

the Cave Emine-Bair Hosar will offer the largest underground lake, decorated with lights, and in the caves the Eni-Sala, a former pagan sanctuary, you can try yourself in the role of a speleologist!




Mountain area surrounding eco hotel «Saddle», rich fast streams and rivers, which often form waterfalls.

What are the brightest of them?

first of all, we recommend you to visit a waterfall Dzhur-Dzhur – the most affluent and spectacular in the Crimea.

the Water falls from the height of 15 meters rapid, noisy stream cascades over the waterfall is very beautiful and affordable for swimming.


secondly, include in your route and waterfall Dzhurla this is a series of small cascades in the heart of the mountain Demerdzhi.


Tired on the way and want to drink the purest water?


Go to Ayan source. In this place from the very depths of the mountains out a powerful stream of water, which allows you to power almost the entire valley!



Mountain and mountain trails

Smart in the mountain will not go? Not true! Mountains surrounding our hotel is the best place for Hiking

Trips to Crimea from the hotel saddle. and walks.

What to look at first?

the Climb at  the donkey path to the legendary "table-the hill  - Ukraine. It can be seen almost from each point of the Crimea.


From its peak Eklizi-breaker offers unforgettable views of the vast territory of the Peninsula.

would you like extreme? shall Conquer Ukraine cold Yew gorge – long-Tisza and total silence give him the feeling of mystery.


On the other side of Chatyrdag is not less legendary mount Demerdzhi.

Lifting her, walk through the valley with ancient fortress Funa. Here, at the foot, shot-loved Soviet films.


But the path lies above – to the Ghosts Valley, the place of the stone statues, mists and myths. To descend from the mountain in a picturesque most beautiful place of Crimea gorge – homeland light beech forests. 


the Descent leads to the amazing stone mushrooms Сотер. It is a miracle nature ’ s huge stone statues with a hat and a leg, like mushrooms.




Mountain holidays in Crimea hotel Перевальное.perevalnoe.comEco-center "saddle» proud of its vicinity to the most

beautiful nature reserve – Crimean natural.



it is composed of a tour car-route,including  Cosmas-damianovsky the monastery

home medical water trout farm huge and a delicious fish were hunting grounds for Imperial hunting Nicholas II


and unforgettable views to the mountain Roman-Koshthat will remain in memory for life!




places of power in Crimea, near the hotel PerevalThere are around our eco-centre and site.


Here people feel the positive energy, there are cases of healing from illness, a marked improvement in the health.


these include the source of Савлых-su on the territory of St. Cosmas and Damian monastery. Long since he revered not only by Christians but also Muslims.


And in the valley of the Kizil-Koba are the waterfall Sioux uchkhan and river Kizilkobinka, forming the baths, the so-called "youth baths".


If you dive in them – health is ensured! Also, the above-described stone mushrooms Сотер has long been called the place of an exit of the earth's energy – recharge it come many tourists.



Routes of walks and excursions


Hiking and trekking – perhaps the most precious gift that we can do to their health.


Walking with obstacles healthier run, a positive effect on the cardiovascular system of the person and its psycho-emotional state.


So give yourself longevity – go to our eco-centre, the best place for hikes and walks!



Here are a few routes that we recommend you  schedule:


1. The tract of Kizil-Koba : Valley of the gorge - the  Red cave  - Falls Sioux uchkhan - Caves of Eni-Sala


2. Chatyrdag :  Donkey trail -  the Marble cave -  Emine-Bair Hosar - Mountain Basin Tau - bird Park   
                                     Angarsk pass - Yew gorge - the Eklizi-breaker  - Ajan source



3. Demerdji Valley of ghosts – southern Demerdzhi - Fortress Funa - Cave man - Dzhurla Falls

most beautiful place of Crimea gorge - DzhurJur - Soter Stone mushrooms


4 Crimean reserve: the Monastery – a Trout farm Roman-Kosh- the Former hunting grounds of Tsar Nicholas, falls Golovkinsky