Rest in Crimea Forest


 Holidays in the woods for nature in Crimea

This small map Crimean peninsula fraught with enormous wealth . No, it's not about gold or treasure , although from time to time that archaeologists find . It's about nature : mountains and plains , rivers and waterfalls, lakes and valleys , caves and canyons. Truly , stay in the mountainous Crimea - a real adventure .

Why just not in the Crimea ! Sometimes confused with his landscapes photos :

  • Italy and Greece ,
  • France and the Balkans .

And no wonder: the peninsula is the most striking and unusual look , and this attracts millions of tourists every year.

Rest in Crimea forest possible all year round !

Among the Crimean peninsula and offers a very popular outdoor recreation in the Crimea. Moreover, he is in demand all year: from March to November , tourists walk along the trails and mountain roads , and hardly snows , extreme skiing season starts . Sleds, skis, snowboards - everything comes into play . Many manor Crimea invite tourists for the winter, but our hotel offers personalized service .


most delectable holiday in Crimean forest in the warm season . Hardly the first flowers to bloom in the mountains there is a heady fragrance that entails many tourists . Lilies of the valley and snowdrops , lilacs and hollyhocks , wild tulips and peonies - what colors not only plays a spring forest ! Summer vacation in the Crimea forest - real salvation from the heat and heat. This autumn - unforgettable explosion of colors and flowers .


For many office workers stay in the forest of Crimea - the perfect way to forget about the everyday life of the workers . So often in the mountains you can find whole company colleagues who commit mass hiking on weekends. It is very strengthens team and gives unforgettable emotions. Many families can not imagine a weekend without a break in the forest Crimea : go with children, moms and dads and grandparents . Pick berries and mushrooms , fish , enjoy each other and nature. Visit our camping in the mountains of Crimea - have fun on vacation . We will be happy to give you a perfect holiday in the Crimean mountains : come to visit !

Spend your vacation in the woods in nature - in the Crimea !